Facebook • Dec 17

Record. Setting. Together, your Indiana Republican Party, Gov. Eric Holcomb, & Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch are posting more campaign $$$ on hand at the end of an administration's 2nd year in office than EVER BEFORE in Indiana history!

Facebook • Dec 13

More great news coming to Indiana!

Facebook • Dec 12

Tuesday saw the highest Hoosierist holiday of them all: Statehood Day.

Facebook • Dec 12

Chuck Schumer said that Indiana doesn't matter. When it comes election time, Democrats pretend that they care about Hoosiers. But then they go to Washington and treat us like the punchline of their joke. Read more -> http://indiana.gop/news/chuck-schumer-indiana-doesnt-matter

Facebook • Dec 11

Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch is a big advocate for Indiana agriculture!