Apr 13
Apr 13, 2019
White County Lincoln Day Dinner
6:00pm - 6:00pm
Shannon Mattix
(219) 863-2078
Special Guest: Col. Oliver North

Guest of Honor - Col. Oliver North.

The following will be ticket packages available:

Silver-$60.00- 1 ticket (dinner only)

Gold- $250.00-2 tickets (dinner,picture)

Platinum-$600.00-8 tickets(dinner,picture& recognition)

Titanium-$1,000.00-8 tickets (dinner,picture,each receive a book,8 special raffle tickets & recognition,front row table)

Photo packages will begin at 5 PM with Col. North before the event

Tickets available from the following NOW:

Brookston Area- Dawn Girard @ 765.563.8065

Wolcott Area- Terri Brooks @ 574.870.1125

Shannon Mattix @ 219.863.2078

Monticello and surrounding areas- Lori Austin @ 765.427.0803

THERE WILL BE NO PAY AT THE DOOR OR HOLD ME TICKETS- Cut off on all sales will be APRIL 3rd 2019. We need names of attendees for security and check in purposes.

 Seating will be limited and we will stop sales once we hit capacity of the venue which may be before April 3rd.

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