This Saturday, September 15, Republicans across the country will be participating in the National Day of Action. And nowhere is the National Day of Action more important than Indiana!
That’s because control of the United States Senate is in play, and Indiana is positioned to be the firewall protecting our Republican majority! By defeating Democrat Joe Donnelly this November and sending in conservative outsider Mike Braun, Indiana will prevent obstructionist Democrats from repealing President Trump’s tax cut and standing in the way of real progress in Washington. 
Grassroots Republicans like you will be trained this weekend on the latest advancements in voter contact and political leadership. And in the process, you’ll gain the skills needed to impact our elections…and to remind voters that we need them to stand by President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence to protect and expand our Republican majorities in Washington.  
Will you join your fellow Republicans from across Indiana and the nation this weekend by participating in the National Day of Action?

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