Good government doesn’t make headlines, Greenwood mayor says
Feb 11, 2014 Indianapolis Star

By Vic Ryckaert

Greenwood has a lot going for it that won’t attract media attention, Mayor Mark Myers said today during his annual state of the city address.

“Financial crisis is always newsworthy, but good stewardship and responsible government do not make good fodder for headlines,” Myers told a crowd of more than 200 gathered at the Valle Vista Golf & Conference Center.

Greenwood, Myers said, is a city of low taxes, and “smart, sustainable growth.”

“The bottom line for Greenwood is that we have learned to live within our means and will continue to do so.”

There was nothing flashy in this speech as Myers enters his third year in office. Greenwood is improving, he said, spending more to improve the quality of life and make the community more attractive to businesses looking to expand.

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