GUEST COMMENTARY: I won't be a stranger to Region, its growth
Oct 17, 2016

Situated at the doorstep of the nation’s third-largest economic market, Northwest Indiana is a quadrant of our state full of both realized and unrealized potential. And for many reasons, I believe we have the key to unlocking that full potential, but it can only come with a full-time partner.

As our next governor, I intend to be that partner.

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Meet Intern David Boyer. A recent graduate of Wabash College where he majored in German and minored in political science and history, this Circle City resident played for a German Football League while studying abroad last summer. He plans to attend law school in 2018.

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"The turnout for our Lincoln Day Dinner exceeded even my expectations. This is an off election year yet we were standing room only." We've been hearing this everywhere!

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Indiana's economic development momentum continues!

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Meet the Interns! This is Daniel Miller. He's a LaPorte, Indiana, native studying Political Science at the University of Indianapolis, where he also plays baseball. He plans to attend IU's McKinney School of Law and then, one day, would like to run for political office.

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Over the next week, we'll be introducing you to our Summer 2017 Intern Team. They've only been here a week, but they are already making their mark on the Indiana Republican Party. Stay tuned to learn more about Dan, David, James, Delaney, Luke and Michael. You'll also meet Madi, whose idea of a creative photo was to not take a photo. (One of their first projects was to come up with creative pictures to share with you all. They did a great job - well, some of them did.)