Indiana GOP Hopes Pelosi Might Learn Something in Indiana
Jul 19, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Republican Party spokesperson Pete Seat released this statement ahead of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's stop in Indiana tonight for the Young Democrats of America convention:

"As Nancy Pelosi's plane touches down in Indiana for a stop in what her liberal coastal friends would call fly-over country, we recommend that she takes a few minutes to get out and talk with real Hoosiers. 

"Because if she got out to talk with real Hoosiers, Pelosi would learn that Republican policies lead to balanced budgets, vibrant communities, more people in good-paying jobs and lower taxes. She'd find a solidly-red state that is growing and bringing transformational change to every town, city and region thanks to Republican candidates and elected officials at every level of public service. The Indiana way provides a night-and-day difference to the dysfunction Pelosi stirs up in Washington, and it results in better government service for all. You might call our work a blueprint for success. Hopefully Speaker Pelosi takes some notes."

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U.S. Representative Greg Pence visited Batesville and met with Mayor Mike Bettice. While there, he shared what is important to him once congress is back in session including his support of the USMCA, broadband, social security, and veterans issues.

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Many careers that are fueling Indiana's economy require STEM-related skills. That’s why the Indiana Commission for Higher Education has awarded nearly $10 million to 16 schools and organizations to help educators teach these critical subjects!

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Senator Mike Braun wants to hear what’s on Hoosiers’ minds. He recently made a stop in Terre Haute as part of his Solutions Tour this summer, and talked with Hoosiers on several key issues. What do you think about Senator Braun’s position on federal spending?

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Eva Mozes Kor's impact on Indiana and the rest of the world is something that will never be forgotten. Governor Eric Holcomb said it well: “We lost a giant. A 4-foot-11 giant.”

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Great news! Indiana’s unemployment rate dropped AGAIN & remains below the national rate and below ALL of our neighboring states!