Pence supports new academic standards, legislation
Feb 11, 2014 Indianapolis Star

By Eric Weddle

Gov. Mike Pence said today he was encouraged by the State Board of Education’s ongoing work to create new academic standards for the state.

Teams of educators will compare and select standards for math, literacy and English during public meetings Thursday and Friday. It’s part of a process to overhaul the state’s current Common Core standards. Common Core, national K-12 academic guidelines, were adopted by the board of education in 2010. Last year lawmakers required the board to evaluate and set new standards by July 1.

It’s expected the board could vote on the standards in early April.

“I’m very encouraged about the process on reviewing standards that’s underway now through the State Board of Education and grateful for their efforts on that,” Pence said today after a news conference. “I also appreciate and respect efforts in the Indiana General Assembly to move legislation along that is supportive of that effort.”

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