Tully: In Rep. Todd Young, a thoughtful voice
Jan 24, 2014 Indianapolis Star

By Matthew Tully

U.S. Rep. Todd Young’s biggest problem, at least on Capitol Hill, might be that he is too thoughtful and too rational. Because in this political era, and in this divisive environment, those traits don’t always raise a politician’s profile.

But they should. And Young, a Republican legislator who represents a congressional district that stretches from Johnson County to the Ohio River, has a voice that deserves to be amplified. Now in his second term, the 41-year-old conservative has emerged in policy and thought as the most impressive voice in the state’s House delegation.

Sipping on a soda at Shapiro’s Delicatessen on Thursday afternoon, Young acknowledged what we all know: Under the current political makeup, Congress and the White House are unlikely to make landmark progress on major issues. But, he added, that shouldn’t prevent the two parties from “getting consequential things done.”

And while plenty of politicians say such things, Young backs his words up with ideas and plans.

How would this progress happen? By focusing on smaller areas of agreement within the bigger issues. So while fully reforming the nation’s welfare programs may be too much to expect, Young says, why not look for ways to at least improve them while also possibly saving taxpayer money?

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