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ICYMI: Evan Bayh's Wall Street Firm Fined $53.7M by SEC--


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Aug 25

The Trump-Pence Indiana team is holding a 2 day Grand Opening of their Indiana office! Join the team in Carmel on Friday and hear from Vice Presidential Nominee, Gov. Mike Pence, at 5:00 p.m. It's time to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain!

Aug 25

“To me, what is next is to take Indiana to the next level. ... We have built such a strong foundation and I want to now create separation between us and our competitors, whether that is other countries or other states. I want it to be obvious that Indiana is a destination for talent. I want to accelerate that.”-- Eric Holcomb Click the link below to read more! #TeamHolcomb

Aug 24

#IN's Trump-Pence team is LIVE!

Aug 23

Join #TeamHolocomb for Super Saturday this weekend! You can go door to door in your community or make phone calls-- sign up at the link below!

Aug 22

Only one day left to get your ticket! Join the Indiana GOP as American Hero and Benghazi fighter Mark "Oz" Geist gives an inside look to what really happened during the Battle of Benghazi. Visit and get your tickets today!