@indgop • Jan 22
While Democrats were busy shutting down the govt, this weekend over 100 Hoosier Republicans attended workshops as p…


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Jan 22

While Democrats were busy shutting down the government, this weekend more than 100 Hoosier Republicans attended workshops across the state as part of the National Day of Training -- celebrating President Donald J. Trump's one-year anniversary of taking the Oath of Office! This team is geared up and ready to WIN in 2018!

Jan 22

It's looking like Congressman André Carson is either: 1.) Stuck in 2016, using an old photo to show his "work" to end this weekend's #SchumerShutdown, or 2.) Stuck in 2016, still using the same, tired (& failed) talking points for the #SchumerShutdown But you be the judge -->

Jan 22

Are you attending today's March for Life in Indianapolis?

Jan 20

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of President Donald J. Trump’s inauguration, Hoosiers across the state are getting to work today for the National Day of Training!! #LeadRight

Jan 19

Last weekend at #CongressofCounties, Rep. Todd Rokita talked about his strong Hoosier roots -- from his service as Indiana's Secretary of State to his role now as the representative of Hoosiers in Indiana's 4th District. It's the Hoosiers he meets throughout the state that give him his marching orders in Washington. Check out Congressman Rokita's full speech, and why he's fired up to defeat Democrat Joe Donnelly in November!