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Apr 19

Our local Republican Parties are the BEST! Thanks to everyone who helped organize the 16 successful Lincoln Day Dinners across the state in the last week: Lawrence County Republican Party - Indiana Ohio County Republicans The Republican Party of Franklin County, Indiana Gibson County Republican Party Daviess County Republican Party Clark Co. Indiana Republican Party Steuben County Indiana - Republican Party Blackford County Republican Party White County Republican Party Grant County Republican Party Huntington County Republican Party Howard County Republicans Tippecanoe County GOP Morgan County Indiana Republican Party Vermillion County Republicans Hendricks County Republican Party

Apr 19

Watching the Dems meltdown on cable news? We've known all along that there was no collusion & that the Democrats are just playing here's a game you can join in on, too.

Apr 18

Gov. Eric Holcomb has set the goal for making Indiana home to the lowest infant mortality rate in the Midwest by 2024, saving the lives of more Hoosier babies -- and we're making progress.

Apr 18

121 interviews/testimonies, 53 document requests, and 28 hearings later, the conclusion remains the same: NO COLLUSION

Apr 18

Indiana remains an ag leader! Did you know that Indiana is a TOP 10 state in the nation for the total value of our agricultural products? Thank you, Hoosier farmers! 👨‍🌾👩‍🌾🚜🌽