IN DEMS New Strategy: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em?
Jun 15, 2021

INDIANAPOLIS- The Indiana Republican Party, the organization that has been instrumental in turning the Hoosier State around after 16-years of Democrat debt and disfunction, today sympathized with the Indiana Democrat Party for trying so hard but coming up short. Again. Having been repeatedly rejected by Hoosier voters and not winning a statewide race in nearly 10 years, it comes as little surprise that they would get even the most basic things wrong, like the name of their own organization.

(Screenshot from release. Emphasis in original).






Given the rising gas prices and skyrocketing inflation caused by Joe Biden and his handlers, we're happy to live rent free in the Indiana Democrats' head.

It’s quite a communicative accomplishment to send out a statement that long, mislead and misdirect with every line and then even get the title of the spokesperson wrong. Their entire release seems like it's straight out of Pravda.

So, please let us clarify: No, Matt Huckleby has not left his post as executive director of the Indiana Republican Party. During Huck’s time as executive director, the Indiana Republican Party has smashed fundraising records, won every statewide elected office, maintained supermajorities in both houses of the Indiana General Assembly, holds a record 71 mayoral offices and 88% of all county elected positions in the state, flipped Democrat Joe Donnelly's senate seat, and recently reelected Governor Eric Holcomb with the most votes ever cast for a gubernatorial candidate in Indiana history.

With that track record of excellence, the Indiana Republican Party is very happy to be “stuck” with Huck.

“I guess they’re going with an if-you-can’t-beat-them-join-them approach to leadership in the state,” said some guy we asked on the street.  

“Fact-checking, getting little things right, knowing the name of your organization, you know, that all goes a long way. If they can’t get the title of their own executive director right, it’s no wonder they have trouble recruiting candidates to run for office, let alone win. But congratulations on Dr. Jennifer McCormick’s party switch! That’s a big pick up for them, I guess,” some guy we asked on the street added.

We at the Indiana Republican Party hope this clarifies any confusion caused by our Democrat friends. Even so, as a sign of Hoosier solidarity, we included a couple typos in this release.

And hey, while we’ve got you here, take a minute to read Chairman Kyle Hupfer’s op-ed, calling out Democrat bad faith attacks on the integrity of our elections: