Indiana GOP Welcomes Pete Buttigieg for Rare Indiana Appearance
Jul 18, 2019

INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Republican Party spokesperson Pete Seat released this statement ahead of South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg's rare appearance in Indiana tonight for the Young Democrats of America convention:

"After spending more time recently in places like Iowa, New Hampshire, New York and California than the city he's employed to lead, it's great to finally welcome Pete Buttigieg back to Indiana.

"We hope Buttigieg can squeeze in a trip to South Bend while he's here, where he might find time out of his busy schedule of big-dollar fundraisers with liberal celebrities to address his city's vast issue of residents not even feeling safe in their own neighborhoods. The question stands that if Pete Buttigieg can't even handle being mayor of South Bend, what makes him think he could handle being president?"

In August 2018, a scientific poll of South Bend residents -- funded by the city of South Bend -- showed that most residents of Buttigieg's hometown are disatisfied with "the maintenance of city streets, sidewalks and infrastructure" and that they don't have "an overall feeling of safety in [their] neighborhood."