Part 4: Did You Know Joe Donnelly is a Democrat?
Jul 6, 2018

Democrat Donnelly Votes With Ultra-Liberals Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren

INDIANAPOLIS - When it's time to vote on a bill in the U.S. Senate, there is a lot of overlap in the voting records of Democrat Joe Donnelly and his ultra-liberal colleagues Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

That's because Democrat Donnelly votes with Bernie Sanders 77 percent of the time and with Elizabeth Warren 79 percent of the time. And it comes at the same time that both senators have donated thousands of dollars to Democrat Donnelly. (“CQ Vote Comparison Report,” CQ, Accessed 2/22/18)

Sanders, who is a self-proclaimed socialist, is a proponent of raising taxes and instituting a universal health care system. Meanwhile, Warren is a proponent of anti-2nd amendment gun control and burdensome environmental regulations. Democrat Joe Donnelly has a history of voting in lock-step with both Sanders and Warren on nearly eight of every 10 votes in the Senate. (Bernie Sanders website, accessed 7/3/2018) (Elizabeth Warren website, accessed 7/3/2018)

Democrat Donnelly, Warren & Sanders: 

Sanders Gives to Democrat Donnelly: Bernie Sanders' leadership PAC, Progressive Voters of America, has contributed $5,000 to Democrat Donnelly. (Federal Election Commission, 10/25/12; Federal Election Commission, 12/6/12)

Democrat Donnelly Votes With Sanders: Democrat Donnelly has voted with Bernie Sanders in the Senate 77 percent of the time. (“CQ Vote Comparison Report,” CQ, Accessed 2/22/18)

Warren Gives to Democrat Donnelly: Elizabeth Warren's leadership PAC, PAC for a Level Playing Field, has contributed $10,000 to Democrat Donnelly. (Federal Election Commission, 4/14/17; Federal Election Commission, 4/14/17)

Democrat Donnelly Votes With Warren: Democrat Donnelly has voted with Elizabeth Warren in the Senate 79 percent of the time. (“CQ Vote Comparison Report,” CQ, Accessed 2/22/18)

Donnelly and Warren Co-Write Letter: In addition to voting with Warren on nearly eight of every 10 votes, last year Democrat Donnelly also co-authored an op-ed in the Washington Post with Warren criticizing businesses and the Securities and Exchange Commission. (Washington Post, 3/22/2017)


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